Jeannie Sousa

(541) 788-3611

While teaching at Central Oregon Community College in January 2016, I flashed on the idea of a business that would serve the creative needs and drives of people in a “rush rush” world. thus began “Traveling Canvas Parties”. My dear friend & fellow artist Therese loved the idea and Hello! Bingo! we collaborated and began our own business. Friends, family and community have been so supportive of our social and artistic endeavors. With all the “busy-ness” of today, our fun-time, down-time, up-time…Make some Art Time! It satisfies our human hunger for self-expressiveness! 

Let’s paint!
Cheers… Jeannie

Therese Henderson

(541) 390-6254

I am a local artist and I went to one of Jeannie’s classes. She inspired me to start painting again and we have been painting together ever since. We inspire each other as well as others and we always have fun. Come play with us and discover your inner artist! We look forward to meeting you.